About me

Accomplishments to Date:
8th Place WBFF PRO World  Championship Las Vegas 2013
3rd Place WBFF PRO Montreal Championship 2013
1st place: Obtained WBFF Pro Card, 1st Diva Fitness Tall New England Championship November 2011 
6th place,  IFPA Pro Yorton World Cup October 2011
5th Place: IFPA Gaspari Pro Classic October 2011
1st place:  Obtained IFPA Pro Card Figure group C Empire State Championship April 2011
2nd Place: NPC Metropolitan Championships Figure 2011
4th Place: NPC Jay Cutler Classic Bikini 2011
3rd place: OCB Green MT Thaw Bikini 2011 
1st place: Figure tall, NYS X Championship 2010 
1st place: Figure debut, NYS X Championship 2010 
1st place: Novice NYS X Championship 2010
Erin’s upcoming aspirations include WBFF Pro Worlds in August 2014, expanding her business Barbell Beauty Fitness, and inspiring other to achieve their dreams.



I've always loved fitness.  At age 11, I was a competitive figure skater.  Even though Skating was my passion I still did gymnastics, soccer, and lacrosse. As certified Physical Education Teacher K-12th grade (and master’s degree) I loved working with children of all ages but really felt my heart was geared to fitness industry on a more intense and individual level. I started to personal train (2009) but still felt something was missing. I decided I wanted to pursue fitness modeling and wanted to compete as a figure competitor. I had entered into my first competition in 2010 and placed first. I did a couple bikini NPC competitions and qualified as a national bikini competitor. Shortly after that I had received my pro card as a IFPA Figure competitor. After competing as an all-natural figure pro, I then felt pulled to the WBFF for their individuality and magazine exposure. I entered into my first competition the week after the IFPA Pro Worlds in the fitness model division and was honored to receive my pro card as a WBFF Pro Fitness model. 

 After one of my last competitions WBFF Worlds in Las Vegas where I receive 8th in the World I was in a car accident and it completely changed my life in one second.  It actually caused my body to completely go in disarray and my hormones shifted for the worst. From years of stress, dieting, and competing it all seem to crash after that accident. For 3 years I had focused on getting my health back. I spent those years researching and becoming proficient at what the body needed to come back from adrenal failure, metabolic inefficiency, leaky gut, cortisol malfunction, and Hypothyroidism to name a few. These things are so common among today’s illnesses. Today so many elite athletes, physique competitors, and men and women in their mid-30-40’s are all facing these issues due to things like competing, yo-yo dieting, improper nutrition advice, parenting while working full time, environmental toxins, etc..

My career direction drastically changed when I realized my passion was to help others reach their goals. I also knew I had the knowledge and the experience to help others with similar issues as had with hormones, metabolism, and fat burning. I have made health and wellness my focus in my everyday life as a business owner of Barbell Beauty Fitness- Posing and Presentation Coach (Bikini, Fitness, Figure), online nutrition/prep coach, competitor, endorsed athlete, competition judge, and professional fitness model.


IFPA World Yorton Cup 2011