minimum of 12 weeks

This package is for the individual looking for a coach for preparation for a Bikini, Figure, Physique, or Bodybuilding competition.

 It include usage of text/email for updates and questions.


Included in the package:


  • Posing and Presentation - SKYPE or In Person Sessions at my personal studio- ( a $820.00value for 12 weeks)

  • Phone Consult- to discuss your goals, what you are currently doing, etc...

  • Nutrition Plan- Macros- Flexibility of foods (ideal so body doesn't get sensitive to eating the same things every day) adjustments will be made with food choices based on progress and the proximity to the competition of show

  • Workout plan- adjustments when needed

  • Supplement recommendations/advice

  • Online/text/telephone coaching included

  • Weekly check Ins and adjustments to macros

  • A custom recommended list of foods for you and your goals

  • Emotional Support and Motivation

  • Advice and suggestions with tan, hair, suit, hotel, etc. if needed



Prep Package Pricing

12 weeks- $1400.00

16 weeks- $1500.00

24 weeks- $2000.00 

32 weeks- $2400.00 (800 off normal price *3,200.00*)

36 weeks- $2600.00 (1000.00 off normal price *3,600.00*)

52 weeks- 3700.00 (1500.00 off normal price *5,200.00*)




Payments can be made monthly or paid in full. All payments must be made using PayPal.  If choosing to make monthly payments, client must agree to auto-pay for the 3 month commitment. 

Once program design has been initiated and first payment has been made, no refunds will be given.


Please inquire by email-

I look forward to taking your fitness to the next level!